Sunday, December 4

Why I am Riding 4k:

This is, as I anticipate, the question that I will be asked the most: "Why are you bike riding 4,000 miles across 10 weeks for cancer?" The answer is not so simple.

The greatest, most immediate push to ride the 4k is the death of my grandmother. She was a survivor of uterine cancer and I feel that this is a goal worthy to honor her. She was one of the wisest, kindest people that I have ever known. She was the family matriarch who would open her door to anyone that asked for help. I am riding in memory of her.

Many people have suffered from cancer in my family-- my father survived colon cancer, and my grandfather continues to battle skin cancer. One of the most difficult periods of my life was watching my father undergo tests, surgery, and recovery to remove his cancerous tumor. It taught me the value of life and health; without our health all else is worthless. I am riding in honor of his struggle, for everyone in my family who has battled cancer.

Cancer has had its implications beyond my family. I am riding for all families and friends who have faced cancer. Of course, I am riding for more than just the people I know; I am riding for everyone affected by cancer.

I am riding because I have heard a calling. Since hearing about 4k for Cancer and all of the service and awareness that the organization pours into communities across America, I have been determined to ride. I even put it on my bucket list.

And now I want to cross it off the list. I want to leave the east coast and see America; I want my experience to be worthwhile. I want to aid others, to perform service in search of myself. If I better only one life along my way then I will have accomplished my goal--though I have a feeling the impact will be greater than anticipated.

I welcome you to follow me along my journey and the journey of the 4k for Cancer Team Seattle 2012.

Love & Blessings,


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