Friday, August 24

Day Sixty-Five: The Astounding Anacortes

I volunteered for van duty today. I had one more left so I figured I would get it over with while maintaining some control over what day I fulfill it.

Except, today wasn't an ordinary van day. First off, we were leaving a campsite, which always creates chaos (you have to pack up the tents, get everyone together, and enforce the "leave no trace" policy). Secondly, we weren't all going to the same host. That's right, tonight the team is split up among a group of houses scattered around Anacortes: three in the city, one south, and one north. That's five baggage drop offs, five routes, and five "the riders are near" phone calls.

It was a crazy day, but Melanie and I did it. If I do say so, we were on top of our duty. We had each group routed, bags sorted, and bags delivered. More importantly, effectively organized the arrangements for tomorrow ahead of time (whose bags to pick up, in what order, when).

Tensions ran high, and at moments things got stressful, but we did it--all while enjoying these views:

It's so great to be back on the coast. You can smell the salt in the water! This is my first time ever being near the Pacific, let alone see water that originates from it. A sense of accomplishment has finally begun to sink in, slowly, and what a beautiful place to start feeling it in...

Did I mention we biked here? Yeah, I don't believe it either.

Pacing Past the Pacific,

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